Printing & Exports

How to download and print your church directory

All the exports described below can be found under the Export tab in your online directory. All members are allowed to access these downloads.

The Directory Printout

The directory printout will present all the essential directory information in two columns, in alphabetical order by last name. You can choose whether to include birthdays, email addresses, or cell phone numbers using the check boxes listed next to the download button.

If you are using the directory sections feature, the directory printout will be broken into those sections, in the order they appear. If a section does not contain any families, it will be omitted.

The Photo Printout

The photo printout shows all families where a family photo is available, 12 to a page. The names of all family members are listed below each photo. The photo printout will likely be a large file, so please be patient while it downloads. If the photos you uploaded were high resolution, the photos in the printout will be 300 dpi, allowing you to produce a high-quality printed directory, if you wish to do so.

The photo printout will also be broken into sections in the same way as the directory printout.

The Birthday List Printout

The birthday list printout lists everyone in the directory who has a birthday on file, by month, in 3 columns. This is a convenience for those who wish to keep a personal birthday calendar, rather than referring to the directory Dashboard throughout the year.


vCards are a common format for exchanging contact information. This export is suitable for importing into a contact manager, or email application. The vCard export on the Export page will contain every individual in the directory who has some unique contact information. This means that children who do not have any information other than an name, will be omitted.

If you do not want to download everyone in the directory, you can download a smaller vCard set that only contains entries for a given family. This link is provided on the right-hand side of that family's page in the directory.

Note: There is a known issue with Microsoft Outlook not being able to import multiple contacts from a vCard, and therefore only importing the first person in the file. We hope to find a solution to this problem in the future.

Mail Merge

The mail merge export produces a standard CSV file that can be used to print envelopes and mailing labels, in conjunction with Microsoft Word, or any other program with a mail merge feature. It also contains all the email addresses in the directory, which can be used as a simple way to send out an email newsletter. The CSV file can also be opened in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, as a starting place for any kind of member spreadsheet.

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